At Om Yoga Australia we host regular Yoga Workshops led by our amazing teachers or in partnership with some of the best yoga teachers and teacher trainers in Australia. Have been known to throw a Yoga Rave too


It’s important to be grounded when working with your body. We need to do this for many reasons. It is the ground that enables us to pace ourselves and see clearly. It is the ground that sets the foundation of how we experience life. In this workshop we will learn methods that will give us great access to what it is and how it is to be strong, stable , sensual, and open to ourselves as body, mind, and energy. 

This workshop actually gives an wonderful insight into the training covered by yogis undertaking a Yoga Teacher Training Course. This workshop (normally $50) is free for yogis that have signed up for our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course. Participants that then wish to take our last places in the TTC can have the fees for this class contribute towards to course cost. 

Free Yoga Teacher Training Workshop by SomaChi