Meet Our Wonderful Yoga Teachers

Sienna Formosa

Sienna first started practising in 2009 when she was looking for an alternative to regular exercise. On her first class she had one of the most wonderful yoga teachers that made her feel so welcome, challenged and inspired. She knew that she had found something special. After travelling and teaching in India, London, Bangkok and Bali she founded Om Yoga Australia and hasn’t looked back since.

Sienna believes wholeheartedly that yoga is for everyone. She encourages students to listen to their bodies to develop their own yoga awareness. Her first yoga teachers lesson resonates in her classes today - 'yoga isn’t about touching your toes it’s simply there to help bring awareness and stillness to our mind and body.'

Nicky Davidson

Nicky Davidson is a senior yoga teacher of SomaChi and Vinyasa Yoga. Curiosity, and a passion for energetic practices, drew Nicky to Tai Chi many years back. From there, she progressed to Somatic Tai Chi which teaches that grace and ‘energetic intelligence’ are natural qualities one only has to rediscover. She has been practicing and studying Buddhist meditation and philosophy which continues to this day under the direction of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche.

Since 2004 Nicky has been teaching yoga within yoga studios, fitness and wellbeing center’s, and corporate sectors throughout Melbourne both in group yoga classes and also privately with clients. She invites people to experience the flow and grace within Yoga through these energetic and enlivening movement practices.

Vlad Mizikov

Vlad’s yoga journey began during his first Savasana after accidentally walking in on an Ashtanga yoga class in India. He experienced the effects of an integrated practice that fulfilled him on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Vlad began teaching because he wanted to share something that had made a profound difference in his life.

Recent times have seen Vlad working together with an esteemed holistic clinic in Mysore India teaching therapeutic yoga asana to Indian patients focusing on rehabilitation, structural alignment and bringing the benefits of practice to life off the mat. Having been influenced by so many people actively working to help improve the quality of life of the communities around them, Vlad is inspired to contribute to this work and to continue to learn and inspire others.

Karen Perkins

Karen travelled extensively around the world for 14 years living for extended periods of time in India, China, Tibet, Europe and the Middle East learning of different cultures, religions and philosophies. It was in 1995 in Dharamsala India that Karen’s yoga journey began.

Karen teaches her classes from her heart creating an uplifting, safe environment for students to begin to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness. She strives to bring a sense of fun, freedom and kindness to her classes.

Emma Strembickyj

Emma comes from a ballet background. Having practised yoga for over 17 years she loves to share her experience through this
ancient practice and connection with mind body and spirit.

Being in your body,quieting the world winds of the mind and peeling back the layers that prevent us from ultimately feeling free within.

Vanessa McDonald

Vanessa comes from a long history of dance. She found yoga in Mexico where she instantly fell in love with the physical awareness of yoga. Determined then to share this wonderful lifestyle with many other people, she travelled to India to complete her teacher training.

To Vanessa, yoga is a personal time of whatever yoga is required to be for the individual person.

Donna Finch

Donna's classes invite students to feel uplifted and connected through movement and transitions. Using vinyasa and somatics to creativity weave music and body connection, students can playfully increase their attention to inner sensations and subtleties of ones self while connecting movement and breath.

Donna sees this as an invitation for practitioners to come back to themselves - to be present and to work with embodiment; to feel and be moved by movement. Believing our whole life is one continuous transition - moving from one event to another.


Jenny O'Connor

On and off the mat Jenny loves to have a laugh, smile lots, fall out of a pose and jump back up again. Four years ago the timing fell into place and she completed a Diploma of Yoga Teaching at VIYETT. From there she has gone on to complete Level 1 & 2 YIN teacher training with some of Melbourne's top trainers. To her yoga is a playground to find your inner playfulness.

Teaching yoga allows Jenny to help others find their inner calm with a smile. Yoga has greatly influenced her life on and off the mat; it has given her a great joy, motivation to improve herself inside and out. She loves meeting inspiring people along the way and I hopes one day she will inspire others on their own yoga journey.


Sofie & Ben

Sofie is cuddler in chief. She can be found snoozing under the reception desk on most days that Sienna is teaching. Her ultimate goal is to bring world peace but also to eat as many treats as she can! Sofie recently turned 3!

Ben is the behind the scenes guy. Taking care of the books, members accounts, dabbles in Facebook, installs lights, makes furniture. He has over 100 hours of yoga practice but is still very much a beginner.


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