6 Week Yoga Course for Beginners

Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to learn the foundations of yoga our Beginners Yoga Course at Om Yoga has you covered. The course runs for a total of 6 weeks and will introduce you to the basic principles of vinyasa yoga progressing week on week. There are 9 beginners yoga classes scheduled each week and you are free to book into as many classes each week as you can get to so come 1, 2 or 9 times per week! 

Our Beginners Yoga Course is best suited to students with little or basic yoga experience looking to develop the foundations of their practice in preparation for regular classes. It’s also ideal for anyone seeking to practice at a steadier pace with greater guidance through the key fundamentals, while still incorporating the element of challenge to promote your development.

If you’re completely new to yoga we strongly recommend the Beginners Yoga Course as your ideal first step. If you have yet to complete any beginners courses but have started on your yoga journey, and just not getting it yet, then this class will provide the high degree of guidance and support you’re looking for.


Beginners Yoga Course

$ 115 / Pay in Full Price (Less than $20 a Week!)
  • Unlimited Beginners Classes
  • 6 Weeks Starts FEB 26th

Beginners Yoga Course

$ 25 / Installment Plan (6 payments)
  • Unlimited Beginners Classes
  • 6 Weeks Starts FEB 26th

Week 1 of the Beginners Yoga Course covers the very basics and progresses each week so that by the end of Week 6 you should feel very comfortable to jump into regular, more advanced yoga classes.

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Why You Should Try Yoga

On the beginner yoga course, you will receive a thorough grounding in the basic yoga postures. These postures are the foundation of the more advanced yoga that you will slowly build up to. The course emphasis is on having you learn and do yoga postures that are at your level, that anyone can do. The training will include key parts of yoga such as Asana (movement), Pranayama (breath) and Meditation (focus/mind) in line with the authentic essence of yoga, and the teachings of the great Indian sages.

The advantages of the yoga you will learn with us include:

  • Instructors give clear instruction that details how to get into the poses
  • Due to clear instruction, you do learn to do the poses correctly rather than rushing through them

  • Having a better understanding of poses gives you the independence and confidence to practice at home

  • Because you are correctly shown how to get into the proper yoga asana's, you get all the health, energy and calming benefits that yoga gives you

  • Postures are taught in steps, making sure the foundation of the pose is right, which makes them easier to do and learn

  • The teachers take the time to assist, and know how important it is to do so

  • Yoga teachers are trained and certified, and supervised by a long term and experienced teacher. You are in safe hands, with maximum learning opportunity

  • Over time, you are trained in how to do more advanced positions, but only when your body and mind is ready for them. You feel comfortable and supported, but in due course get even more of the wonderful benefits that keep drawing more and more people to yoga.

  • There is a minimal chance of hurting yourself with our studio, because of the knowledge and support of teachers.

Beginners Yoga Course - Class Schedule

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Your Beginners Yoga Course Teachers

Sienna Formosa
Vanessa McDonald
Nicky Davidson
Donna Finch

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Arrive

Beginners Yoga Course Classes start and finish on time. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to allow the teachers time for registration. There is a lot to be covered in each class, hence “starting on time” means being on your mat with all your equipment ready to start. Kindly note, to support practitioners and the teacher, we have a closed-door policy, ie the teacher locks the door 3 minutes past the start time.

For first time students, we recommend recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first class so that you have time to complete our new student registration form and receive a studio orientation before attending your first class.

Mobile Phone Policy & Personal Belongings

Kindly switch off or set your mobile phone to silent before entering the space. Please leave your mobile and personal items in the space provided, located on your left when you walk in the studio door. No personal items (water & towels excepted) or shoes are allowed on the practice floor – this is to allow you and your fellow participants unobstructed use of space when you move.

Hydration and digestion

Hydrate yourself before and after class. We have a filtered water station for filling water bottles but also have bottles of water for sale. It is not recommended to have a full meal directly prior to class.

What do I need to bring

1. Wear something light, comfortable and fitted (not baggy). Singlets, leggings and normal gym wear will suffice. What is important is for you to feel comfortable moving without clothing disrupting your practice.

2. Yoga practise is done barefoot. Kindly leave your socks and shoes in the locker area.

3. Mats available for hire at the studio for $1. If you have sensitive knees (when kneeling, or on hands and knees), double up your mat. You can absolutely bring your own mat. We even have space available to leave your mat between classes.

Health Information and History of Injury

If you have any history of injury, illness, or anything about your health we should know about, PLEASE INFORM YOUR INSTRUCTOR BEFORE CLASS. Kindly note that yoga practice is not a substitute for therapy or medication, hence if you have any pre-existing condition, including pregnancy, injury, history of illness, surgery, or any other symptoms which may affect your health or the safety of your practice, please consult your GP or health care provider prior to commencing practise.

WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PRACTICE AT YOUR OWN PACE. You can come down to downward facing dog pose or active child’s pose (two alternative resting postures), at any time. Don't worry, you will learn these postures in the first week!

Every asana (posture) also has a simpler variation. Speak to the instructor after class, if you needed an easier variation in class. It is important for us to know our classes support your needs.

Beginners Yoga Course

$ 115 / Pay in Full Price
  • Unlimited Beginners Classes
  • 6 Weeks Starts FEB 26th

Beginners Yoga Course

$ 25 / Installment Plan (6 payments)
  • Unlimited Beginners Classes
  • 6 Weeks Starts FEB 26th

Our Address & Convenient Parking

Where you can find us

OM Yoga Australia is located in on the corner of Toorak Road & Clara Street, just down from the Como Centre. We are in the same building as Giant bike shop at South Yarra on the south side of Toorak Rd

Parking for OM Yoga Australia

There is convenient 1 -2 hour parking available in many places around the studio including Clara Street & Tivoli Road. There is also a large car park in Surrey Rd North that offers 2 hour free parking. If you park there it’s a 1-2 minute walk to the studio!

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